PdfGrabber 9.0

Converts PDFs to multiple other formats
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The utility converts, edits and creates PDF documents. It features a modular interface and uploads original files, splits them, merges multiple documents into one, performs conversion into Office formats, etc. The suite also supports the adjustment of PDF pages.

Basically, this software converts files in the well known PDF format into other formats such as Excel, Word, RTF, DXF, XML, PowerPoint among others. Then, we don't have to worry about editing the PDF file itself by using specific tools for that. Instead, we can use our available tools for the edition proccess.

One of the advantages we can list out of this, is that we don't need the Adobe Acrobat to be installed on the PC.

But, what happens once we edited the documents and want them back to PDF? Well, PDF Grabber has an integrated PDF-Printer, with wich exported documents can be reconverted to PDF. Besides, we will be able to convert any type of document into a PDF file directly from Windows Explorer. Simply select the function 'Create PDF' from the context menu with the right mouse button for any document or use the print function of the linked application and your document will be converted into PDF.

The PDF Grabber comes in three diferent basic versions as follows:

PdfGrabber 4.0 Home

Private users oriented.
Supported output formats: Word; ASCII.

PdfGrabber 4.0 Standard

Private users and small companies oriented.
Supported output formats: Word, Excel, ASCII, Image, PDFPrinter.

PdfGrabber 4.0 Professional

Professional users oriented.
Supported output formats: Word, Excel, ASCII, Image, CAD, XML, PowerPoint, PDFPrinter.

Among the improvements that new version 4.0. offers we can count the full Office 2007 and Windows Vista support. Also, it has the ability to define what is called “Export Contents” giving more control in the files conversion.

On top of the improvements, the output quality and processing speed have been increased even further. PdfGrabber 4.0 supports text rotation in Excel output, production of real curves in DXF output and, furthermore, image creation is available. Those who use XML output feature will be pleased about image information export feature, as well, they will be able to create Tiff-Multipage files, which suit themselves superbly for archiving purposes.

Juan Morán
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  • No need of Adobe Acrobat
  • Multiple file types supported in professional version
  • Good technical support


  • Not optimal outcomes in some cases
  • Few languages supported. very few file type. supported in the Home version
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